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July 13, 2021

Claroty CTD

Full Visibility and Fundamental Controls for Industrial Networks

Claroty CTD

Claroty Continuous Threat Detection (CTD)

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Extends fundamental IT security controls to OT environments.

  • Delivers complete visibility into previously invisible industrial networks.

    • Asset visibility
    • Session visibility
    • Process visibility
  • Continuously detects anomalies, known and emerging threats, and zero-day attacks.

  • Automatically provides root-cause analysis and riskbased scoring for all alerts.

  • Includes real-time threat intelligence updates via the Claroty Cloud.

    • OT Specific Threat Intelligence
  • Reveals the frequency and potential impact of alerts received by peers via Wisdom of the Crowd.

  • Enables users to receive and respond alerts related to remote activity via Secure Remote Access (SRA).

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing IT security infrastructure and and workflows.


Image description CTD Virtual Zones in Layered View

Image description CTD Dashboard View

Image description CTD Alert View with Root-Cause Analysis